Japan Tsunami Warning Lifted, No Reports of Damage

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tokyo, Japan (GaeaTimes.com) – After the 8.8 magnitude earthquake devastated parts of Chile on Saturday, Tsunami warnings were issued for Hawaii, Japan and parts of Australia. Nearly half million people in Japan were moved to higher ground as the coastal areas across the vast pacific region were open to the lethal tsunami waves. As the time passed, only small waves appeared and there are zero reports of damage so far.
Hawaiian island, Far East of Russia and areas near Sydney, Australia were warned for large Tsunami waves. Hawaiian island were evacuated as scientists predicted shock waves may hit there in 24 hours. In that time, the waves came but they were only of upto 10 cm of height near Tokyo. Waves of upto 90 cm were reported further north along the Japanese Coast.
The Tsunami warnings was lifted in Hawaii on late Saturday after they saw about 1.5 meters of waves. No reports of damage is found as the beach were cleared of swimmers and the tourists were sent to the upper floors of the hotels.
Japan issued a major tsunami warning in 17 years as they expected waters of 3 meters of height. About 570,000 people were evacuated from the coastal areas mostly on main Japanese island of Honshu. Train lines, highways and densely populated areas along the edge of Tokyo Bay were stopped for hours.
Almost every nation took the Tsunami warning seriously as the memories of the 2004 tsunami in Indian Ocean have not faded back into oblivion. That tsunami killed about 230,000 people in 14 countries.

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