Chile’s president among thousands honoring Victor Jara, beloved folk singer and coup victim

Chile honors famous folk singer killed in coup

Spain judge orders Pinochet widow, other suspects to post bond in money-laundering probe

Spain wants Pinochet’s widow to post bond

MADRID — A Spanish judge has ordered the widow of Augusto Pinochet, his former lawyer and two bankers to post a $77 million (euro51 million) bond while he probes allegations they laundered money for the late Chilean dictator while he was in power, according to a court document released Monday.

Pope holds up ‘84 Argentina-Chile Beagle agreement as model of peace winning over war

Pope lauds ‘84 Argentina-Chile peace agreement

Strong earthquake strikes northern Chile; no major damage reported

Earthquake shakes northern Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile — A strong earthquake struck northern Chile early Friday, briefly knocking out power to a city but otherwise causing no major damages, authorities said.

US Geological Survey reports 6.5-magnitude quake strikes in northern Chile

USGS: 6.5-magnitude quake hits northern Chile

In Chile, “moment has come” for ex-soldiers to reveal secrets of Pinochet dictatorship

Ex-soldiers want to reveal Chile dirty war secrets

US labor secretary, Chilean ex-president named to Honduras verification panel

US labor official, Chile’s Lagos on Honduras panel

Bolivia the standard-bearer as Latin American natives fight to protect lands, culture

Indian political awakening stirs Latin America

Chile: Soldiers could help locate the disappeared during the dictatorship, but fear jail

Chile: Old soldiers ready to tell secrets of coup

Chile’s president backs legislation to end jurisdiction of military courts over civilians

Chile president proposes limiting military courts

Barrick buys 70 percent stake in Xstrata gold and copper properties in Chile for $465 million

NEW YORK — Barrick Gold is snapping up mining assets with its excess cash, inking a $465 million cash deal to buy a gold and copper project from a unit of Xstrata.

List of endangered monuments from World Monuments Funds

Afghanistan: Old City of Herat

Argentina: Buenos Aires Historic Center, Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

Retired Chilean officers get prison for murder of colonel who testified in Croatian arms deal

SANTIAGO, Chile — Four former top army officials were sentenced to prison Monday in the murder of a colonel shortly after he testified about an illegal deal to smuggle weapons to Croatia.

Peruvian ex-President Fujimori sentenced for bribes, wiretaps to 6 years, fined $9 million

LIMA, Peru — A court imposed a six-year prison sentence Wednesday on disgraced ex-President Alberto Fujimori, who already faced the prospect of spending the rest of his life in a cell after three previous convictions. He also was fined $9 million for authorizing wiretaps and bribes.

Chilean judge questions son of late dictator Pinochet in probe of family’s overseas fortune

SANTIAGO, Chile — A judge is questioning the eldest son of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in an investigation into his father’s secret overseas bank accounts.

Chile’s president presses ahead with Indian Affairs ministry _ over indigenous objections

SANTIAGO, Chile — President Michelle Bachelet proposed Tuesday to create a Ministry for Indigenous Affairs to place more weight on policies affecting Chile’s Indian communities, many of which are mired in poverty and demanding political autonomy.

Chilean air force invites Peru to witness military air maneuvers that has caused friction

SANTIAGO, Chile — The Chilean air force said Tuesday it has invited its Peruvian counterpart to send observers to military maneuvers that Peru has interpreted as threatening and wants canceled.

With military motorcade, flowers revolutionary hero Almeida Bosque buried in eastern Cuba

HAVANA — A military motorcade carried the remains of Cuban revolutionary hero Juan Almeida Bosque through the streets of the eastern city of Santiago on Tuesday, while thousands of mourners lined the route, some clutching flowers and wiping away tears.

Cuban revolutionary hero Juan Almeida Bosque to be buried in eastern Cuba

HAVANA — The remains of Cuban revolutionary hero Juan Almeida Bosque will be buried in a mausoleum for rebel fighters in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, the government announced Monday.

1 person killed in amid clashes between police, protesters on anniversary of Chile’s 1973 coup

SANTIAGO, Chile — Police and hooded protesters clashed Friday in Chile’s capital on the anniversary of the 1973 military coup that toppled elected President Salvador Allende. State television reported one death amid the disturbances.

Judge places value on dead dictator’s secret overseas fortune: $25.9 million

SANTIAGO, Chile — A Chilean judge says he has determined the exact value of the secret overseas fortune amassed by late dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Chilean judge orders arrest of 129 ex-secret police in ‘dirty war’ case from Pinochet era

SANTIAGO, Chile — A Chilean judge on Tuesday ordered the arrests of 129 former security officers on charges tied to the disappearance of leftists and the slaying of the communist party leadership during the Pinochet dictatorship.

Chile explores Bolivian access to Pacific, dismisses Peruvian concerns

BARILOCHE, Argentina — Landlocked Bolivia’s effort to regain the Pacific coastline it lost in a war with Chile more than a century ago will come up again Friday on the sidelines of the South American presidents’ summit.

At least 200 sea lions found dead along Chilean coast; hunger of pollution suspected

SANTIAGO, Chile — At least 200 sea lions have been found dead along Chile’s northern coast.

Chile confirms swine flu in turkeys, alerts WHO to possibly dangerous development

SANTIAGO, Chile — Chile said Friday that tests show swine flu has jumped to birds, opening a new chapter in the global epidemic.

Daughter of ousted Chilean leader Allende asks Brazil to open archives about Chile’s 1973 coup

RIO DE JANEIRO — The daughter of overthrown Chilean President Salvador Allende requested via Twitter on Tuesday that Brazil open any secret archives that could shed light on any role it played in the 1973 coup that killed her father.

Document says Nixon, Brazilian president discussed intervention in Chile, Cuba

WASHINGTON — Two years before the coup that toppled the leftist leader of Chile, President Richard Nixon and Brazilian President Emilio Medici discussed coordinated intervention in that nation and Cuba, according to a newly declassified document.

Mapuche Indians in Chile announce new alliance to pursue their fight for land and autonomy

SANTIAGO, Chile — Dozens of Indian communities agreed to form the Mapuche Territorial Alliance to fight for political autonomy, a leader said Saturday after several days of violence over land seizures in southern Chile.

Chile’s Mapuche Indians seize land as riot police kill activist

SANTIAGO, Chile — Mapuche Indians vowed Thursday to keep seizing land in southern Chile despite the death of an activist who resisted an eviction by riot police.

Hondurans protest as ousted president visits Chile; US diplomat to negotiate

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Honduras’ interim president appeared to reverse course Thursday and reject any official visit by the head of the Organization of American States, days after his government said OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza could come as an observer with a diplomatic delegation.


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