Now, Berlusconi ‘advised to seek sex addiction sessions’

Sunday, August 23, 2009

LONDON - Silvio Berlusconi’s entourage members are urging him to seek treatment for his sex addiction, it has emerged.

Since attending the 18th birthday party of Noemi Letizia, an aspiring model, in April, the 72-year-old billionaire’s personal life has become the focus of a long-running scandal.

After the birthday news broke, the Italian PM’s wife, Veronica Lario, 53, demanded a divorce, reports The Times.

Also, Patrizia D’Addario, a Bari prostitute, has claimed that she spent a night at Berlusconi’s Rome residence last November - which he has denied.

Now, Veronica Trend, an updated biography of Lario, is about to be published. In the explosive tome, Lario, the former actress, tells her side of the story. It is based on interviews with the prime minister’s wife of 19 years.

The book’s author, Maria Latella, writes that a few members of Berlusconi’s inner circle are calling for the couple to separate formally, but then for Lario to “return to her husband’s side to help him find himself again … also with a stay in one of those clinics specialising in curing sex dependence”.

“This scenario hasn’t been completely ruled out, and much will depend on how much the press - above all overseas - will continue to be fascinated by Berlusconi’s private life,” she writes.

Latella, however, has not made it clear whether those backing this idea include Lario or any of the Berlusconi’s three children: Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi.

As per a source, the clinic suggestion had been floated for the first time shortly before Berlusconi presided over the G8 summit at L’Aquila in July. (ANI)

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good nobel of literature
August 25, 2009: 11:15 am

is berlusconi the only politician that is being involved to sexual scandals;;;
it is scandalous on italy a 70 years old man to have sexual relations with 18 or 25 years old girls but on france sarkozy is 20 years older than carla bruni.
i believe that the reactions are based on to the suspicions about prostitution
and i ask only berlusconi could possibly give money to young girls or boys for sexual contact;;;
it is a common secret that many rich people or even and not rich gave money to young boys or girls for sexual intensive orgies.
so these news are not news i believe because sexuality is a personal issue for each species and sex with morality are 2 meanings or ideas that do not have a strong connection due to its nature of sex which maybe manytimes not so moral
a woman that gets married a rich man or a politician for his money or for his fame has any difference from the girls of berlusconi;;;
the moralization of modern societies is a method
by the system to punish any member who do not obbey to its orders even if these orders are immoral
i strongly disagree with the policy of berlusconi about emmigrants and for the events in genoa in 2001
but sex has not any relation with morality
and these tricks or methods to press for different political directions it is not the right instrument
or mean.
berlusconi is the only man that has sexual relations to young girls or is he the only that took part in orgies;;;

sexual liberalism in europe is a far distant dream
that many american artists such as dash snow who enjoyed life and sex by every mean will not show it if there will not be any different direction in european and americans minds

will not be displayed