Ex-Fla. sheriff sentenced to nearly 6 years in federal money laundering and corruption case

By Melissa Nelson, AP
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ex-Fla. sheriff sentenced to nearly 6 years

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A former head of the Florida Sheriffs’ Association has been sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison in a money laundering and corruption case.

Ex-sheriff Charlie Morris apologized to his north Florida county and former employees before he was sentenced Tuesday to 71 months. The sentence was near the maximum allowed. U.S. District Judge Lacey Collier told Morris he had abused his office and betrayed the public’s trust.

FBI agents arrested Morris in February in Las Vegas. He had $30,000 cash in a hotel safe and $5,000 in his pockets at the time.

The government traced the money back to a scheme in which Morris and Adams deposited bonus checks in employees’ accounts and asked the workers to return a portion of the money in cash.

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