Argentina’s Fritzl accused of fathering daughter’s 7 kids

Monday, May 11, 2009

LONDON - In what is quite reminiscent of Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl, Argentine police have arrested a man, dubbed ‘Monster of Mendoza’, for fathering seven children by his daughter.
According to reports, Armando Lucero, who hails from the wine-producing Mendoza region, began raping his daughter when she was eight.

Unlike Elizabeth Fritzl, who was locked in the basement of her father’s home for 24 years, the presently 35-year-old Argentine victim was not kept as a sex slave. However, she has apparently suffered years of psychological and physical abuse.

Argentine newspapers have reported that the girl had seven children by her father, and she first fell pregnant at the age of 15.

Her children are currently aged 19, 17, 16, 12, 11, 6, and 2.

Lucero, 67, is believed to have as many as 22 children in total.

Local reports have revealed that the abuse in the family had allegedly been reported at least 20 times since 1990, but the police failed to properly investigate the claims.

Prosecutors say that action was only taken when the victim herself made a complaint.

She mustered up the courage to report the crime because she began to fear that her father might abuse her eldest daughter.

The ‘Argentine Fritzl’ lived in the house with his partner, his daughter, her seven children, and his mother in law.

Although the abuse was kept under wraps, neighbours have said that they knew “something weird” was going on in the family.

“They didn’t mix much with the neighbours but people had noticed the difference in age between the man and the woman who the children called mama. No one could work out if he was the father or the grandfather,” the Telegraph quoted a neighbour as saying.

The alleged victim’s brother revealed that he had reported his father to the authorities nine months ago, but his mother, who worked at the Justice Department, had hushed the case up.

Lucero has been charged with systematic sexual abuse of a relative and remanded in custody.

Prosecutor Marcelo Gutierrez del Barrio confirmed that the arrest took place on May 8, after the 35-year-old victim stepped forward to complain of sexual abuse.

He said she told them: “I am desperate because I think he might start abusing my oldest daughter.”

Gutierrez del Barrio added: “The suspect made no comment and was remanded in custody at the Transitory Detention Centre. He will be transferred to the Provincial Jail on Monday.” (ANI)

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