Poorest Countries In The World: List

By shantanu, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 18, 2009

San Francisco- Poverty has been one of greatest problems for several nations of the world. The recent list of poorest countries in the world has once again raised the issue of economic disparity among different nations. According to the reports, Republic of Congo with a per capita GDP of $300 tops the list of the poorest countries. Reports stated that civil war, armed conflict, Franc Zone currencies’ depreciation and sudden change in the oil price during 1998 affected the financial condition of people and impacting the economy of the nation at large.

The list of poorest countries in the world includes the name of Republic of Liberia in the second position. As stated in the reports, the country has a per capita GDP of $500. The external debts owed by the country is more than its GDP, which is a real cause of concern for the government. It has been reported by the sources that exploitation diamond resources and quitting of several investors from the country have been highly responsible for the economic breakdown of the country.

Republic of Zimbabwe with the same GDP ranks in the third position in the list of poorest countries in the world. Experts consider shortage of foreign exchange, inadequacy of supply and soaring inflation as some of the significant causes of the poor economic condition of the country. The Solomon Islands with per capita GDP of $600 ranks in the fourth position while Republic of Somalia with the same amount of GDP ranks in the fifth position. Union of the Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Niger and Ethiopia are also included in this list.

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