Mysterious death of Peacocks reported from Madhya Pradesh

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GWALIOR - More than a dozen peacocks have died mysteriously in Guthina village of Madhya Pradesh.

The forest rangers went for inspection to the village and found 16 dead peacocks.

The carcasses were then brought to the forest office in Gwalior for post-mortem.

“We received information that 10-12 peacocks were dead. Following the reports, we went to the village and found 16 dead peacocks. Most of them were peahens. And then there were seven peacocks, which were sick. They were alive and alert but some problem with their feet. We brought them to the range office. And with the help of veterinary doctors they are being treated,” said Smita Rajesh Rajora, a forest conservator.

A team of veterinary officials visited the site and collected samples to ascertain the cause of death.

Veterinary doctors said that rising temperatures or pesticide-treated wheat could be the reason behind the deaths.

“At present both the seasons are there. Summers have just begun and there is shortage of water also in the village. And people are cleaning their storage houses and throwing out their old wheat. So we cannot rule out pesticide poisoning. So keeping both the reasons in mind, we are taking forward the investigation to find out the reason behind the deaths,” said A. S K Mittal, a veterinarian.

The blue peacock, scientifically known as Pavo Cristatus, is regarded as one of the most beautiful birds throughout the world and is provided with adequate safety in India, under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Poaching of this swan-sized bird, with a long and slender neck, is a punishable offence.

Besides natural factors, destruction of habitats, poaching and contamination of food, are severely hampering the bird’s population. (ANI)

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