Himachal Pradesh school expels seven students for ragging

Monday, May 4, 2009

SANAWAR - A public school in Himachal Pradesh has said it has expelled seven students over ragging charges.

Officials said at least 10 students were hurt when their seniors ragged them for refusing to cheer their team during a school basketball match.

School authorities said they expelled the seven senior students after conducting an enquiry.

“When I came to know about ragging, I had an enquiry done in 24 hours. After investigation, a report came to me. An advice was also taken from the discipline committee. The children against whom we found evidences were expelled in 30 hours from the time the incident came into notice,” said Parveen Vasistha, head master of Lawrence School.

The students who were expelled belonged to 12th class while the victims were one year junior to them.

Vasistha said the victims had bruises on their back.

“Maximum 10 students were hurt. Most of them had marks on their backs that were not acceptable,” said Vasistha.

However, the school has not registered any police case against the culprits.

The State Government has ordered and inquiry into the incident. A committee led by Deputy Commissioner of Solan district will conduct the inquiry.

Two months back another incident of ragging and death of a student in the state had caused an uproar and strong condemnation across the country. (ANI)

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