Floods send vegetable prices soaring in Andhra Pradesh

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VIJAYWADA - Apart from wreaking large-scale havoc and rendering thousands homeless in Andhra Pradesh, floods have affected the price of vegetables as well.

The vegetable sellers cite shortage of vegetables due to the floods and so have found a valid reason for hiking the prices, upsetting the people’s budgets badly.

“The prices of vegetables have gone up drastically, due to the floods. They (vegetable sellers) are selling everything after raising one or two rupees on the prices,” said a customer.

The soaring prices have dented common man’s pocket, who is forced to purchase vegetables even at high rates.

“Due to floods, the rates of everything have gone up. It is has become very difficult for us to purchase vegetables at these rates. But still we have no other choice. Still I think the prices might return to normal after a few days,” said Kalpana, a customer.

The flooding, described by officials as the worst in many decades in south India, has killed some 250 people, mostly in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Floodwaters have swamped millions of acres of cropland, including sugarcane plantations, prompting worries of a fall in sugar output in Karnataka, the country’s third-biggest producer. (ANI)

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