Poll: People embrace protecting the environment, but don’t always walk the walk

Poll: Sometimes it isn’t easy being green

WASHINGTON — Sometimes it’s easier to think green than be green. A survey released Tuesday suggests people have largely embraced recycling bottles and cans, and are inclined to turn down thermostats to save energy. But it also indicated that some paths toward a greener Earth aren’t as easily taken — or turned into action.

Recession among problems pinching Utah’s ability to oversee hazardous waste operations

Funds dwindling to oversee Utah’s hazardous waste

Waste Management 3rd-quarter profit sinks despite higher prices for recycled commodities

Waste Management 3rd-quarter profit sinks

Waste Management Inc., the nation’s largest trash hauler, said Thursday that third-quarter profit sank, despite rising prices for recycled commodities and cost-cutting.

Waste Management hit by falling trash volumes, electricity prices as it posts 3Q profit

Waste Management 3Q seen hit by falling volumes

Waste Management segment unit acquires medical waste business

Waste Management segment acquires medical business

Bill to ban the importation of foreign nuclear waste into Utah takes small step forward

Bill to ban foreign nuke waste makes small advance

Minnesota group collects trash while packing heat on 2-mile stretch of highway

Minn. group picks up road trash while packing heat

Cash for Clunkers trade-ins piling up; auto recyclers want more time to dispose of vehicles

WASHINGTON — Trade-ins from the Cash for Clunkers program are piling up and auto recyclers are seeking more time to meet the deadline for disposing of all those vehicles.

Auto recyclers seeking extension of deadline to recycle and crush clunkers

WASHINGTON — Cash for Clunkers may be history for car shoppers, but the program’s largesse lives on in recycling yards around the country.

Wisconsin Gov. Doyle signs bill to reduce computers, other electronics dumped into landfills

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has signed into law a bill designed to cut down on the amount of computers and other electronics dumped in landfills.

Authorities: None of the 161 sex offenders interviewed is a suspect in death of Fla. girl, 7

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — Investigators have finished interviewing all the registered sex offenders who live near where a slain Florida girl first vanished but don’t believe there is a suspect in that group, authorities said Friday.

Mother of slain Fla. girl found in landfill tells unknown killer, “We’re coming for you.”

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — The mother of a 7-year-old Florida girl whose body was found in a landfill made a promise on national TV Friday to the unknown killer: “We’ll get you.”

Old warships shedding toxic paint into water near San Francisco Bay to be cleaned, recycled

BENICIA, Calif. — A fleet of old, rotting warships shedding toxic paint into the water near San Francisco Bay will be cleaned up and recycled under a new plan announced by federal officials Thursday.

Feds announce plan to clean old warships shedding toxic paint into San Francisco Bay waters

BENICIA, Calif. — A fleet of old, rotting warships shedding toxic paint into San Francisco Bay area waters will be cleaned up and recycled under a new plan announced by federal officials Thursday.

Jamaica hires Miami company to convert waste into energy, save $60 million on fuel

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica has hired a Florida company to build two plants that will convert garbage into energy and help save the government $60 million a year in fuel imports.

Congressional witnesses: Only action by Congress can bar foreign nuclear waste shipments to US

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators told Congress on Friday that they have no power to stop Italy or any other country from dumping tons of radioactive waste in the United States.

Politics takes center stage as lawmakers debate California valley’s water woes

WASHINGTON — It was the kind of legislation that rarely generates much debate in Congress: a bill to expand a local water recycling program.

Republicans cry foul over bringing more water to San Francisco Bay area while farmers get less

WASHINGTON — The House approved a seemingly benign water recycling program Thursday for the San Francisco Bay area, but only after Republicans fought to broaden drought relief to California’s farm belt.

Thai man confesses to decapitating 5-year-old boy, murdering mother after lover’s quarrel

BANGKOK — A part-time Bangkok taxi driver confessed to the gruesome murder of a 5-year-old boy, saying he shot, decapitated and dismembered him after a lover’s quarrel with his mother, whom he also murdered, police said Wednesday.

Hope through soap: former refugee recycles used hotel soap to help Uganda’s poor fight disease

ATLANTA — Nearly two decades after he arrived in this country, Ugandan Derreck Kayongo is still bowled over by one subtle display of American wealth: the endless array of soaps available in stores.

China’s increasing prosperity and urbanism create tons of garbage, causing tons of trouble

ZHANGLIDONG, China — Visitors can smell this village long before they see it.

Downside to economic boom: China wonders what to do with all its garbage

ZHANGLIDONG, China — Visitors can smell this village long before they see it.

2nd hearing on bill proposing ban on importation of foreign nuclear waste set for next week

SALT LAKE CITY — An effort to ban the importation of foreign nuclear waste has been given new life with a hearing set for next week in Washington, D.C.

Growing number of states push electronics manufacturers to take responsibility for e-waste

INDIANAPOLIS — Frustrated by inaction in Congress, a growing number of states are trying to reduce the rising tide of junked TVs, computers and other electronics that have become one of the nation’s fastest-growing waste streams.

Cheyenne an example of how many communities struggle to find uses for collected glass

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A pile of glass bottles and jars at the Cheyenne landfill is an ever-growing monument to the challenges faced by many communities that collect glass for recycling.

Oklahoma lawmaker to propose 5-cent bottle-deposit program to provide cash, reduce litter

OKLAHOMA CITY — A state lawmaker hopes to implement a 5-cent beverage container deposit program in Oklahoma as a way to reduce litter and provide an infusion of much-needed cash for the budget.

Transportation Secretary: Media ‘trash talk’ impeding nation’s ability to solve big problems

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says “trash talk” on conservative talk radio and cable television shows is impeding the nation’s ability to solve big problems.

Utah board won’t place moratorium on disposal of depleted uranium in state

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Radiation Control Board Tuesday refused to block the disposal of depleted uranium in the state, clearing the way for shipments next month of the low-level radioactive waste.

Environmental group gives cruise ships bad report card on pollution efforts

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An environmental group released its report card Wednesday on how well cruise ship companies operating in American waters are doing to reduce pollution, and not one received an overall grade of “A.”

Discarded toxic factory chemicals kill 3, injure 17 in east China

SHANGHAI — Three people have died and an additional 17 required medical treatment after they were exposed to bags of a toxic chemical illegally dumped by a factory in eastern China, the local government said Wednesday.


Does a rapist marrying the rape-victim right the wrong?
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