Lithuanian panel says authorities approved request for CIA prison, unclear whether one existed

Lithuanian panel: Authorities approved CIA prison

Lithuanian lawmaker says no evidence that CIA planes ever landed in Baltic state

Lithuanian lawmaker: no evidence CIA planes landed

Lithuanian lawmakers says no evidence that CIA planes ever landed in Baltic state

Lithuanian lawmaker refutes CIA planes

VILNIUS, Lithuania — A Lithuanian lawmaker says there is no evidence that U.S. airplanes with al-Qaida suspects ever landed in the Baltic country.

Lithuanian lawmakers demand probe into possible CIA prison

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuanian lawmakers on Wednesday demanded an investigation into allegations that the CIA established a prison for al-Qaida suspects in the Baltic country.

Trial of suspected IRA dissident resumes in Lithuania behind closed doors

VILNIUS, Lithuania — The trial of a suspected Irish Republican Army dissident accused of trying to purchase weapons and explosives in Lithuania resumed Wednesday with defense attempts to get the prosecutor dismissed.

Lithuanian lawmakers oust parliamentary chairman for alleged ties to mobsters

VILNIUS, Lithuania — A talk-show host turned political star was ousted as Lithuania’s parliament speaker Tuesday amid a scandal sparked by a photo of him hobnobbing with a member of a deadly criminal gang.

Across Eastern Europe, shopkeepers feel the pain of dramatic drop in consumer spending

RIGA, Latvia — When the Sky & More mall opened in Riga in 2007, retailers hoped its expensive boutiques and upscale supermarket would draw well-off Latvians on their way home to the pine-forested neighborhoods on the capital’s north side.

As economy deteriorates, analysts say chances rise Lithuania will seek bailout loan

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuania’s increasingly desperate economic situation may make it the next country in Eastern Europe to ask the International Monetary Fund for emergency loans.

Any talks on release of 5 Lithuanians taken hostage by pirates could last months, expert says

VILNIUS, Lithuania — A Lithuanian maritime expert says that any negotiations with pirates about the release of five Lithuanian sailors abducted in Nigeria could last months.

Lithuania’s GDP plummets 22.4 percent in second quarter, heads toward worst in European Union

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuania’s economy shrank 22.4 percent in the second quarter compared to the same period a year ago, the biggest drop since the Baltic country broke away from the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, officials said Tuesday.

Lithuania says it will not review compensation plan for Jewish property seized during war

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuania will not amend a plan to compensate the loss of Jewish property seized during World War II, despite criticism from Jewish organizations that it fails to repay the properties’ full value, the Baltic state’s justice minister said Tuesday.

Clarification: Lithuania Censorship Law story

VILNIUS, Lithuania — In a July 14 story about a censorship bill approved by Lithuania’s parliament, The Associated Press reported that the president needs to sign the measure within three days, but omitted the date it takes effect. It is set to enter force on March 1, 2010.

Lithuania adopts censorship law targeting information about homosexuality

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuania’s Parliament on Tuesday approved a censorship bill that aims to keep information about homosexuality away from children, angering gay rights activists who called the measure homophobic.

Nervous neighbors brace for fallout from Latvian crisis

VILNIUS, Lithuania — As Latvia fights speculation about default and painful currency devaluation, its neighbors are nervous that the tiny Baltic country’s problems could spread well beyond its borders.

Lithuanian president urges Russia to resist using gas supplies to pressure Baltic nation

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuania’s veteran president on Wednesday appealed to Moscow not to exploit the crisis-hit Baltic country’s growing dependence on Russian energy for political reasons.

Lithuanian psychic called in to clean up credit crunch

VILNIUS - There was nowhere to hide for anyone owing money in Lithuania Monday after one of the Baltic country’s main debt collection agencies said it was using a renowned clairvoyant to track down debtors and identify secret business crooks.


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