Police feared terrorist attack after arrest of Jackson for child molestation in 2003

Terrorist attack feared after ‘03 Jackson arrest

Police feared terrorist attack after arrest of Jackson for child molestation

Terrorist attack feared after Jackson arrest

Bizarre bat that walks on 4 legs had ancestor with similar ability 20 mln yrs ago

WASHINGTON - A new study has found that a bizarre New Zealand bat that is as much at home walking four-legged on the ground as winging through the air had an Australian ancestor 20 million years ago with the same rare ability.

Stocks modestly higher as report says employers cut fewer than expected jobs in May

NEW YORK — Mixed signals from the government’s monthly jobs report are giving investors reason to be cautious.

Austrian police arrest 3 suspects in incident at former concentration camp

VIENNA — Police have arrested three youths suspected of firing a pellet gun at a former concentration camp and leaving two people — one a Holocaust survivor — slightly hurt.

Islands important part of any global conservation strategy

WASHINGTON - A new study has found that rare and unique ecological communities will be lost if oceanic islands aren’t adequately considered in a global conservation plan.

Pope, visiting Jewish state, confronts dark history of his native Germany

JERUSALEM — Pope Benedict XVI confronted the dark history of his native Germany on the first day of his visit to Israel on Monday, shaking the hands of six Holocaust survivors and saying victims of the genocide “lost their lives but they will never lose their names.”

Pope remembers Jewish Holocaust victims during Israel visit

JERUSALEM — Pope Benedict XVI pledged to remember the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust on Monday, as he sought to repair strains created by his decision to lift the excommunication of a bishop who denied the genocide took place.

1984 anti-Sikh riots victims focus on ‘candidate, not party’

NEW DELHI - The Congress dropped two controversial candidates after protests from victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, but that did not seem to have helped the party among the largest concentration of riot victims in west Delhi, who said they were voting Thursday according to the candidate rather than the party.

Car bombs kill 17 in Baghdad, according to Iraqi police, as security concerns mount

BAGHDAD — Car bombs killed 17 people Wednesday in Baghdad — most of them at a wholesale produce market — fueling concern about Iraqi capabilities less than two months before Iraq’s army and police assume full responsibility for security in the country’s cities.

Car bombing at entrance of a produce market in south Baghdad kills 15, Iraqi police say

BAGHDAD — A car bomb exploded Wednesday at the entrance to a fruit and vegetable market in south Baghdad, killing 15 people and wounding about 40, police and hospital officials said, in the latest sign of rising attacks.

Lawyer: Scallop boat that sank off NJ, killing 6, may have tangled its dredging gear

CAPE MAY, N.J. — A scallop boat that sank in March, killing six people, might have been doomed when its dredging gear got tangled with another boat or something on the sea floor, the boat owner’s lawyer said Monday.

AP Exclusive: Survivor of NY mass shooting says police first suspected him as Asian gunman

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — For an hour, the Asian man cowered amid the chaos of what had been his adult English class. Blood soaked through his jeans where a bullet had fractured the bones of his lower right leg. More blood flowed into his eye from a bullet wound on his temple; a hole in his sweater sleeve marked the path of another shot.

Daily Horoscopes (28.11.2008)

Aries : March 21- April 19
Today can be a financially favorable period. You will also resolve old issues. An advice from an elder member of the family should be taken note of. Home and family matters take on greater importance now. Real estate plays a bigger part in your life goals. Address the past and the people who have caused you grief and then put things behind you so you can move forward.

Bill Clinton to sit on national board to promote Oklahoma City National Memorial

OKLAHOMA CITY — Recalling the profound impact the Oklahoma City bombing had on the nation and himself, former President Bill Clinton announced Saturday he will join a new national board to promote the mission of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

Police probe whether Pakistanis who drowned in Malaysia were en route to Australia illegally

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian police were investigating Thursday whether six Pakistani family members who drowned after their boat capsized were asylum-seekers illegally trying to reach Australia through Indonesia.

30 years on, spotlight on Cambodia’s killing fields once more

NEW DELHI - The world sat up and took notice when Hollywood director Ronald Joffe captured bloodied images of Cambodia, ravaged by the dread Khmer Rouge militia in his 1981 screen masterpiece ‘The Killing Fields’.

Kashmir’s endangered stag population on the rise

JAMMU - There is good news from Jammu and Kashmir - an increase in the population of the endangered stag called hangul.

Obama joins in Holocaust remembrance, says world cannot tolerate cruelty, intolerance, racism

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama stood Thursday with Jewish leaders at a solemn Holocaust remembrance in a cavernous Capitol hall, proclaiming: “Never again.”

Amid violence, Indians get caught up in Nepal’s witch hunt

KATHMANDU - Dasharath Sawant, a 55-year-old soothsayer from India’s Maharashtra state, had hoped to visit the famed Pashupatinath shrine in Kathmandu with seven members of his family.

Spirit of democracy triumphs over militants’ guns

AGARTALA - His life was shattered by terrorists’ bullets, but that is not going to stop Amar Ranjan Shil from casting his first vote.

Federal judge in NYC concludes piracy suspect is adult, can be tried in open court

NEW YORK — The sole survivor of a pirate attack on an American cargo ship off the Somali coast was charged as an adult Tuesday with piracy after a prosecutor said he gave wildly varying ages for himself but finally admitted he was 18.

Zuma, one-time goat herder, set to become South Africa’s president after overcoming scandals

KWANXAMALALA, South Africa — One-time goat herder Jacob Zuma is poised to lead Africa’s strongest economic power after elections Wednesday — a victor of the fight against white rule, an unabashed polygamist, and a survivor of sex and corruption scandals that threatened his political career.

Will Ferrell gets urine-drunk to survive wilderness adventure show

LONDON - Comedian Will Ferrell is certainly a survivor after successfully making it through British adventurer Bear Grylls’ wilderness adventure show ‘Man vs. Wild’, on which he even drank his own urine.

Italian PM tells female doctor ‘I wouldn’t mind being resuscitated by you’

SYDNEY - Known for his reputation with the ladies, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently made another gaffe when he told a female doctor that he “wouldn’t mind being resuscitated by her.”

Nepal palace massacre tale gets new twist

KATHMANDU - Nepal’s deposed playboy crown prince Paras has opened a Pandora’s box with his claim that his cousin Dipendra had been contemplating the assassination of the king and queen of Nepal for over a year.

Italy quake toll goes past 90

ROME - The death toll in the devastating earthquake in central Italy has gone beyond 90, the Italian news agency ANSA reported, citing rescue workers.

Indian family murder-suicide in US: Family problems suspected

WASHINGTON - US police has ruled out financial problems as the motive behind the apparent murder-suicide of six Indians in California, suggesting the crime was likely related to ‘family dynamics and personal relationships.’

Berlin gives US museum list of Jews in Nazi Germany

WASHINGTON - The first comprehensive list of Jews who were living in Germany when the Nazis came to power was given to a US museum, providing a detailed picture of the population before the Holocaust.

High Court awards life in Congress MP Maken’s murder

NEW DELHI - The Delhi High Court Tuesday awarded life sentence to convict Ranjit Singh Gill alias Kukki for the 1985 murder of then Congress MP Lalit Maken.


Does a rapist marrying the rape-victim right the wrong?
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