Treasury freezes assets of insurgent group in Iraq for attacks US and coalition forces

US freezing assets of Iraq-based insurgent group

Court upholds 4-year sentence for Egyptian blogger convicted of insulting Islam and president

Egyptian court upholds 4 years jailing of blogger

Israel passes counter-demands to Hamas for prisoner swap, details could scuttle deal

Israel passes demands in prisoner swap to Hamas

Agreement settles allegations banking giant violated US sanctions on money transfers to Iran

Lloyds agrees to settlement on financial sanctions

County executive signs zoning measure needed for Maryland’s largest slots proposal

Measure allowing slot machines at Md. mall signed

Saudi official: Weeks of fighting with Yemen rebels has left 73 Saudis dead, 26 missing

Weeks of fighting Yemen rebels killed 73 Saudis

Payment settles allegations banking giant violated US sanctions on money transfers to Iran

Lloyds to pay $217 million in Treasury settlement

Iran says border dispute with Iraq was misunderstanding, urges quick resolution

Iran: Border spat with Iraq was misunderstanding

White House tells Iran’s leader to take seriously year-end deadline over nuclear program

The White House

Prosecutor says Iran still investigating 3 detained Americans, points to US-held Iranians

Prosecutor: Iran still investigating 3 Americans

Radio: Israel has relayed its response on swapping Palestinian prisoners for captured soldier

Israel gives response to Hamas prisoner swap offer

Israel Radio: Israel has relayed its response on swapping Palestinian prisoners for soldier

Israel relays its response to Hamas swap offer

UPS driver charged with running red light in crash that killed Baltimore Sun business editor

UPS driver charged in crash that killed Sun editor

Israeli Cabinet ministers debate whether to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for lone soldier

Prisoner swap talks enter critical phase in Israel

Iranian FM expects speedy trial of 3 Americans who crossed border from Iraq

Iran expects speedy trial of 3 American hikers

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert pleads not guilty to corruption charges

Former Israeli premier Olmert pleads not guilty

Top US military officer says force would have limited effect in Iran but must be at the ready

Top US officer: Force must be option for Iran

UN: Ugandan-led Lord’s Resistance Army attacks in Sudan, Congo may be crimes against humanity

UN: Ugandan rebel attacks may have been war crimes

Israeli PM, top ministers hold intense discussions ahead of possible prisoner trade

prisoner swap

Israeli archaeologists say they found first dwelling in Nazareth from Jesus’ time

Israel: first Jesus-era house found in Nazareth

Israeli PM, top ministers convene for decisive meeting on prisoner swap

Israel holds crucial meeting on prisoner swap

Iran nuclear official calls for nuclear disarmament

Saeed Jalili

Israeli media: Israeli PM, top ministers begin meeting on prisoner swap with Hamas

Israeli ministers meet on prisoner swap

JERUSALEM — Israel’s Army Radio says the prime minister has begun a meeting with top ministers to decide whether to approve a deal on a prisoner exchange with Hamas militants.

Egypt antiquities chief says he will ask Berlin to return Nefertiti bust

Egypt antiquities chief to demand Nefertiti bust

Mullen applauds strikes against al-Qaida; expresses concerns about Yemen becoming ’safe haven’

Mullen worried Yemen becoming terrorist ‘haven’

Israel harvested organs from bodies, including Palestinians, in 1990s without permission

Israel harvested organs in ’90s without permission

Mullen worries Iran will rebuff offer of engagement; ‘clock now running’ top officer says

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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US transfers 12 detainees at Guantanamo military prison to Afghanistan, Yemen and Somaliland

US sends 12 Gitmo detainees to their home nations

Mullen worries about ‘clock now running’ on US efforts to keep dialogue open with Iran

Mullen worries about US efforts at Iran dialogue

Iraq initials deal with oil consortium to develop prized Majnoon oil field

Iraq initials deal on prized oil field

BAGHDAD — Iraq has initialed a deal with a consortium led by European giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Malaysia’s state-run Petronas to develop one of Iraq’s most prized oil fields.


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