Daylight Savings Time 2009 Fall Back

daylight-savings-timeDaylight Savings Time is the practice of advancing clocks one hour ahead of local standard time. This is widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings.

Switzerland says Libya detaining 2 Swiss in unknown location, as relations sour further

GENEVA — Switzerland and Libya reached a new low point in their relations Friday as the Swiss government announced that two of its citizens are being held at an undisclosed location in the Arab country.

AP in talks with Germany’s DDP over stake in its German service, content sharing

FRANKFURT — The Associated Press said Friday that it is in talks with German news agency DDP about selling a stake in AP’s German language news service to the Berlin-based company.

French prosecutor studying toxic algae complaints after horse’s death on beach

PARIS — The prosecutor’s office is studying up to 300 complaints linked to noxious green algae after the death of a horse this summer on a beach in Brittany, a judicial official said Friday.

Questions about France’s role in Holocaust at center of training for defense recruits

PARIS — The French official choked on the words he read to a room of Defense Ministry recruits and swallowed back tears as he tried to kick off an unusual program aimed at teaching about the Holocaust.

PTSD, depression, alcohol land more veterans in UK criminal justice system than Afghanistan

LONDON — Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse are behind an alarming rise in the number of former British soldiers ending up in prison, a report says — and more veterans have had tangles with the law than there are British troops in Afghanistan.

Poll: Merkel’s preferred center-right alliance level with rivals in German election

BERLIN — A poll published Friday underlined expectations of a tight outcome in Germany’s weekend election, finding that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s preferred center-right alliance is level with its rivals.

Revelation that Iran has 2nd uranium enrichment site heightens Iran nuke concerns

VIENNA — Western intelligence puts Iran’s newly revealed nuclear plant in the arid mountains southwest of Tehran, not far from one of the holiest cities in Shiite Islam.

German president signs EU reform treaty, completing country’s ratification

BERLIN — German President Horst Koehler’s office says he has signed the European Union’s reform treaty — completing its ratification by the 27-nation bloc’s most populous nation.

Small oil leak stops production at North Sea StatoilHydro platform

OSLO — State-controlled Norwegian oil company StatoilHydro ASA was forced to shut down its Statfjord C offshore oil platform Friday after it leaked water contaminated by oil into the North Sea.

EU says ‘decisive progress’ needed at climate talks in Bangkok

STOCKHOLM — The European Union is urging wealthy and developing countries to bring more “urgency and ambition” to climate talks in Thailand next week.

Renowned British chef Blumenthal apologizes to diners ill after eating at his restaurant

LONDON — Chef Heston Blumenthal has apologized to diners who fell ill after eating at his celebrated Fat Duck restaurant — and has invited them back for a free meal.

German-language al-Qaida message _ 3rd in a week _ seeks recruits for holy war

BERLIN — The release of a third al-Qaida video message in German this week shows that Germany must remain on alert before weekend parliamentary elections, officials said.

Unilever to buy Sara Lee’s personal care products for €1.28 billion

AMSTERDAM — Consumer products giant Unilever NV said Friday it has agreed to buy businesses including the Sanex and Duschdas brands from Sara Lee Corp. for €1.28 billion ($1.88 billion)

Unilever to buy Sara Lee’s personal care products for euro1.28 billion

AMSTERDAM — Consumer products giant Unilever NV said Friday it has agreed to buy businesses including the Sanex and Duschdas brands from Sara Lee Corp. for euro1.28 billion ($1.88 billion)

European Medicines Agency recommends 2 swine flu vaccines be licensed

LONDON — The European Union’s drug regulator recommended Friday that two swine flu vaccines be licensed in the 27-nation bloc to ensure their availability before the start of the normal flu season.

Russian leader defends himself against Chechen president’s defamation lawsuit

MOSCOW — A Russian human rights activist on trial over a defamation claim filed by Chechnya’s strongman president said Friday he stands by his statements blaming the Kremlin-backed provincial leader for a fellow activist’s slaying in July.

Unilever to buy Sara Lee’s personal care products for $1.88 billion

AMSTERDAM — Consumer products maker Unilever NV says it has agreed to buy the personal care products businesses of Sara Lee Corp. for euro1.28 billion ($1.88 billion).

Germany’s election to determine how Europe’s biggest economy recovers

FRANKFURT — Economic recovery is the main issue in Germany’s elections Sunday, and Chancellor Angela Merkel says tax cuts should be used to spur more growth — something her challenger disputes.

Report: Mole who leaked British lawmakers’ expenses sympathized with poorly equipped soldiers

LONDON — The man who leaked details of lavish expense claims by British lawmakers says he was motivated by anger over the poor pay and equipment of U.K. soldiers, a newspaper reported Friday.

AP NewsBreak: Iran reveals existence of a second uranium enrichment plant, officials say

VIENNA — Iran has revealed the existence of a secret uranium-enrichment plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday, a development that could heighten fears about Tehran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon and escalate its diplomatic confrontation with the West.

APNewsBreak: Officials: Iran has revealed existence of a second uranium enrichment plant

VIENNA — Officials have told The Associated Press that Iran has revealed the existence of a second uranium enrichment plant.

Anglo-Saxon treasure found in British farmer’s field offers new insight into early rulers

LONDON — It’s an unprecedented find that could revolutionize ideas about medieval England’s Germanic rulers: An amateur treasure-hunter searching a farmer’s field with a metal detector unearthed a huge collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver artifacts.

2 French military jets crash into the sea during training mission, 1 pilot missing

PARIS — Officials say two French military fighter jets have crashed into the Mediterranean Sea during a training mission and that one pilot is missing.

Ukraine: Jewish groups protest Kiev plans for hotel at Babi Yar, site of Holocaust massacre

KIEV, Ukraine — Jewish groups condemned Thursday a plan by authorities in the Ukrainian capital to build a hotel on what a leading scholar said was a killing field in the Babi Yar massacre, a horrific chapter of the Holocaust.

Turkish authorities say the eldest member of the former Ottoman dynasty has died

ANKARA, Turkey — Osman Ertugrul Osmanoglu, the eldest member of the former Ottoman dynasty, has died, officials said Thursday. He was 97.

US diplomat criticizes 9/11 policy of building ‘fortress-like’ embassies

WARSAW, Poland — The outgoing U.S. ambassador to Poland criticized the “fortress-like” feel of American embassies built since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, saying Thursday that some are excessively expensive and send an unfriendly message to non-Americans.

Caught clean-handed: UK prison bans anti-swine flu hand gel after inmates use it to get drunk

LONDON — A British prison says a bunch of inmates have been caught with their hands clean — using hand sanitizing gel to get drunk.

UN asks for $1.5 billion to fight swine flu, but experts wonder whether it’s worth it

LONDON — United Nations health officials claim in a new report they need nearly $1.5 billion to prevent the swine flu epidemic from spiraling into a global catastrophe.

Pope will visit Czech Republic, a voyage among the nonbelievers

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI is going to the heart of central Europe 20 years after the fall of communism ended restrictions on religion. But what he will find is a Czech Republic where nearly half the population professes to be nonbelievers.


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