Police feared terrorist attack after arrest of Jackson for child molestation in 2003

Terrorist attack feared after ‘03 Jackson arrest

Teenage Dutch sailor Laura Dekker sees life unravel after court blocks dream voyage

Young sailor Dekker’s dreams dashed

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Just four months ago Laura Dekker was a carefree 13-year-old with an extraordinary dream — to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. On Tuesday, police hauled her home — clutching a suitcase and guitar — from a mystery trip to the Caribbean, and child care workers sought to remove her from her father’s custody.

Police feared terrorist attack after arrest of Jackson for child molestation

Terrorist attack feared after Jackson arrest

Prince William spends night on London streets to support homeless teens

Prince William spends night on London streets

Some Romanians are nostalgic 20 years after revolt overthrew communist dictator Ceausescu

Some Romanians nostalgic 20 years after communism

Prince William spends a night on London street to support homeless teens

Prince William spends a night on the streets

Karzai asks for investigation into killing of cousin in reported family feud

Karzai orders investigation into cousin’s slaying

German police: Body found in river is missing American Devon Hollahan

Police: Body found in river missing American man

Thousands of Latin American holiday travelers hit as Spanish airline is grounded by debt

Spanish airline is grounded

MADRID — Spain’s Development Ministry said Tuesday it had withdrawn the flying license for debt-stricken Air Comet, leaving thousands of Christmas travelers to Latin American destinations stranded at Madrid’s airport.

Druids, pagans mark shortest day of year during foggy sunrise at Stonehenge

Druids, pagans mark shortest day of year

LONDON — Hundreds of people have celebrated the winter solstice at Stonehenge, braving snowy travel conditions and a morning fog.

Ticket number 78294 draws top prize in Spain’s $3 billion El Gordo lottery

Spanish lottery hands out more than $3 billion

Lithuanian panel says authorities approved request for CIA prison, unclear whether one existed

Lithuanian panel: Authorities approved CIA prison

8 Russian circus tigers and a lioness die during 20-hour truck journey across Siberia

8 Russian circus tigers, lioness die during travel

Medieval ‘mourners’ to begin 7-city US tour next year in 1st display together outside France

Medieval ‘mourners’ to leave France for US tour

Teenage sailor Laura Dekker arrives back in the Netherlands after flying to Caribbean

Young sailor Dekker flies back to the Netherlands

China rejects British official’s charge that Beijing ‘hijacked’ climate talks

News Pres Obama Healthcare

Italian doctors give police OK to question fugitive American doctor found at Mont Blanc

Missing US doctor OK to be questioned by police

Iranian FM expects speedy trial of 3 Americans who crossed border from Iraq

Iran expects speedy trial of 3 American hikers

Report: UN investigators believe Guinea massacre was ‘crime against humanity’

Report: Guinea massacre ‘crime against humanity’

US ambassador rejects Austrian charge of ‘improper’ pressure to send troops to Afghanistan

US rejects Austrian criticism over Afghanistan

Greek officials complete restoration project on ancient entrance to the Acropolis

Greeks finish Propylaea restoration on Acropolis

French president demands Eurostar service resume by Tuesday and wants plan to fix problem

Sarkozy demands Eurostar restart Tuesday

PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the head of the French train authority to get Eurostar traffic moving again by Tuesday.

Russia’s Communists on 130th anniversary of Stalin’s birth: don’t criticize him today


Does a rapist marrying the rape-victim right the wrong?
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