Some Romanians are nostalgic 20 years after revolt overthrew communist dictator Ceausescu

Some Romanians nostalgic 20 years after communism

Karzai asks for investigation into killing of cousin in reported family feud

Karzai orders investigation into cousin’s slaying

Lithuanian panel says authorities approved request for CIA prison, unclear whether one existed

Lithuanian panel: Authorities approved CIA prison

8 Russian circus tigers and a lioness die during 20-hour truck journey across Siberia

8 Russian circus tigers, lioness die during travel

Russia’s Communists on 130th anniversary of Stalin’s birth: don’t criticize him today


Polish police: 5 men arrested in theft of ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ have criminal pasts

Polish police recover Auschwitz gate sign, damaged

Controversial demolition of Georgian war memorial leaves 2 people dead

Demolition of Georgian war memorial kills 2

Pope John Paul II moves a step closer to possible beatification with decree about virtues

Pope John Paul II
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EU opens borders to over 10 million Serbs, Montenegrins and Macedonians after nearly 20 years

EU opens borders to Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia

Poland tightens eastern border as hunt intensifies for stolen sign from Auschwitz memorial

Poland tightens border in hunt for Auschwitz sign

Polish police: Auschwitz ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign stolen from memorial site

Police: Auschwitz ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ sign stolen

Suicide bomber wounds 23 people in Russia; drive-by shooting kills 2 officers

Violence in Russia kills 2 people, wounds 23

Suicide car bomber wounds police, soldiers, civilians in Russia’s Caucasus province

Suicide bomber wounds 23 people in Russia’s south

Suicide car bomber strikes police in Russia’s volatile Caucasus province, wounding 18

Suicide bomber wounds 18 people in Russia’s south

Suicide car bomber strikes police in Russia’s volatile Caucasus province wounding 11 officers

Suicide bomber wounds 11 police in Russia’s south

Suicide attack targets police in Russia’s volatile Caucasus province, officers killed

Suicide attacker targets police in Russia’s south

Russia hails recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by island nation of Nauru

Russia hails Nauru recognizing Abkhazia, S.Ossetia

NATO commander says its Kosovo force will be cut by some 4,500 troops in January

NATO to cut troop levels in Kosovo

BELGRADE, Serbia — Despite opposition from Serbia, NATO’s commander for Southeast Europe said the alliance will cut down its force in Kosovo by some 4,500 troops in January for possible use in hotspots like Afghanistan or Iraq.

Czech zoo plans to relocate 4 rare northern white rhinos to Africa in effort to save species

4 white rhinos to move from Czech zoo to Kenya

Europe marks 150th birthday of Polish-born Esperanto creator Zamenhof

Europe marks 150th birthday of Esperanto creator

Moldovan officials say priest leads dozens smashing menorah with hammers in capital

Officials say priest attacks menorah in Moldova

US envoy says he’s encouraged by meetings in North Korea

US envoy says he’s encouraged by talks in NKorea

Bulgarian prime minister says country could accept 1 prisoner from Guantanamo

Bulgaria could take in a Guantanamo prisoner

Russia-Norway consortium take biggest prize in Iraq oil bidding round

Russia-Norway team wins bid for Iraqi oil field

New Russian missile may have caused blue spiraling lights in skies over Norway

New Russian missile may be behind Norwegian lights

Greek shipowners paid ransom to Somali pirates, Ariana freighter to be freed soon

Greek-owned cargo ship to be freed in Somalia

Reports: Russian nightclub death toll reaches 131; many others still in critical condition

Reports: Russian nightclub fire toll rises to 131

Chavez says thousands of missiles arriving as Venezuela prepares in case of war with Colombia

Chavez: Venezuela acquires thousands of missiles

Obama praises Turkey for troop commitments in Afghanistan, seeks more help in war effort


Does a rapist marrying the rape-victim right the wrong?
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