Lawyer for EMTs accused of ignoring dying woman in NYC eatery decries ‘rush to judgment’

Accused EMTs’ lawyer decries ‘rush to judgment’

Teenage Dutch sailor Laura Dekker sees life unravel after court blocks dream voyage

Young sailor Dekker’s dreams dashed

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Just four months ago Laura Dekker was a carefree 13-year-old with an extraordinary dream — to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world. On Tuesday, police hauled her home — clutching a suitcase and guitar — from a mystery trip to the Caribbean, and child care workers sought to remove her from her father’s custody.

Prosecutor says Iran still investigating 3 detained Americans, points to US-held Iranians

Prosecutor: Iran still investigating 3 Americans

Authorities say balloon boy parents acted alone, no conspirators found during investigation

Investigators: Balloon boy parents acted alone

DC officer on desk duty while police probe report of gun at snowball fight in weekend storm

DC officer off streets over gun at snowball fight

D.C. officer on video waves gun at snowball fight after getting pelted; police investigating

Video: D.C. officer draws gun at snowball fight

Family of missing Utah mom tearfully speaks out as police discuss 4-year-old son’s interview

Cops: Missing Utah mom’s son confirms camping trip

FBI investigates after RI cop is accused of beating suspect in attack caught on video

FBI investigating after video shows RI cop beating

Police search for gunman who fired shots in Los Angeles hospital parking lot

Police probe shooting in LA hospital parking lot

Calif. police probe school playground shooting of cleaver-wielding woman as ’suicide by cop’

Police probe playground death as ’suicide by cop’

Boy charged after officials say 12-year-old girl was raped in stairwell of California school

Boy, 14, accused of raping girl at Calif. school

UN likely to extend investigation into Bhutto assassination for three months

UN likely to extend Bhutto investigation

UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday he is “positively considering” a request to extend a U.N. investigation into the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto for an additional three months.

Feds must struggle with nabbing terror suspects too early versus waiting at public’s peril

Feds weigh public risk, evidence in terror probes

NYC prosecutors say criminal probe under way of prominent Calif. Madoff investor

Feds probe Calif. investor in Madoff affair

Investigators rule out suicide, say prominent Los Angeles-area lawyer was slain

LA investigators say prominent lawyer was slain

Pilfered Plateosaurus: Mexican police investigate theft of remote-controlled dino from show

Mexican police investigate dino’s disappearance

Former Indonesian colonel says army deliberately killed Australia-based journalists in 1975

Report: Indonesian colonel says reporters killed

Probe under way following false radio call reporting ‘officer-involved shooting’ in Wash. city

WA police probe fake radio call reporting shooting

Police end probe of Chicago school board president’s death, say he wasn’t victim of crime

Police: Chicago schools official not crime victim

Police in RI investigating whether a federal prosecutor used his position to avoid DUI charge

RI federal prosecutor refuses breath test in stop

Peru dismisses chief of police investigations, media questions claim of fat-stealing murderers

Peru purges police, fat-stealing claims questioned

Police plan charges against bouncers at NJ club owned by Jay Z after beating is taped

Taped beating outside NJ club probed by police

Shots fired near house where Seattle police seek ‘person of interest’ in deaths of 4 officers

Shots fired in police shooting investigation

White House dinner crashers shook hands with Obama; Secret Service embarrassed by breach


Does a rapist marrying the rape-victim right the wrong?
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