104 Nuclear Reactors: List of Nuclear Power Plants in US

New York (GaeaTimes.com) – Obama Administration has recently guaranteed billions of loans for new nuclear power plants in the U.S. But the decision of new power plants may not be heartily welcomed in every part of the country. There are already 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S. and some of these power plants allegedly have some radio active leaks. In this scenario, the question arises whether we need more nuclear power plants or not. However, here is the list of nuclear power plants in the U.S.

white house security breach by Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi: Update

Blackfridaydeals 2009: Black Friday Closeout Special from Fujitsu

You can purchase a Fujitsu M2010 Mini-Notebook which normally costs $ 399, for Black Friday 2009 it is only $279 after $120 Off. The Black Friday promotion runs from 11/27-11/30.
Coupon Code: MINI2SALE.

Google Office Headquarters Pictures and Video

Black Friday ads 2009: Best deals

blackfridaycrowds1Black Friday is on Nov 27th, 2009! It’s the biggest retail sales day celebrated every year after Thanksgiving. Retail stores across the world offer special deals on this day. Thanksgiving Black Friday Ads alerts the public about leaked ads as soon as they become available.

Grandparents ordered to evict 6 year old

In a bizarre case, grandparents were ordered to evict 6 year old baby, Kimberly.

Jimmy and Judie Stottler, grandparents of the child, live in a Pinellas Park retirement community that doesn’t allow children. The Home Owners Association now wants the child removed. Kimberly was taken from her home at just six months after the state discovered her mother was on drugs. She has lived with her grandparents ever since.

NYS Unemployment Benefit Online

New York State (NYS) unemployment rose from 8.6% in July to 9% in August, at a 26 year high and very close to the national average of 9.7%. However there is good news. You can avail NYS unemployment benefits online provided by NYS department of labor, for which funds have been allocated.

Maya Angelou Dead?

maya-angelouRumors are abound in Twitter about the apparent death of Maya Angelou, famous Pulitzer prize nominated author and poet.

Marwa Ali El Sherbini Shames US Media

Marwa Ali El-Sherbini was an Egyptian pharmacist and handball player. She was killed in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany, by a neo-Nazi and racist against whom she had testified for previous xenophobic insults against her.Her death helped today to once again highlight the biased vision of Western Media.

George Bush considered Obama unfit for white house, mocked Palin and Clinton

LONDON - George W. Bush’s former speechwriter Matt Latimer has revealed that the ex-US President considered Barack Obama unfit for the White House and dismissed Sarah Palin as a nonentity.

Raymond Clark iii to be DNA-ed in Yale murder case

Raymond Clark iii, the Yale lab technician was taken into custody Tuesday night in the murder investigation of Yale grad student Annie Le so that cops can run a DNA test on him. His Middletown, Conn. building was surrounded by troopers and FBI agents today as around 11 PM, the muscular guy was brought out, handcuffed by police. New Haven Police Chief James Lewis said at a news conference that,

Hillary Clinton exclusive interview on international relations

clinton2Washington, Sept 11 (IBNS) US Assistant Secretary Philip J. Crowley, in his daily press briefing at the Department of States, said Secretary Hillary Clinton will be discussing how to combat terrorism with India.

James Traficant release

James Traficant, the Ohio Democrat who was charged and imprisoned for racketeering and bribery, walked out of Minnesota jail after serving 7 years. At first it was quite an apprehensive moment for him as he expected an uneven welcome home at Ohio. But then, he made some startling revelations as he said that Govt. cheated against him to get bribery and racketeering conviction. The comment Sunday elicited a roar from the crowd of about 1,200 gathered at a banquet hall four days after Traficant was released from a federal prison in Minnesota as AP reports.

US to sign NY declaration for safeguarding ships against somalian pirates

Washington, Sept 10 (IBNS) In a bid to safeguard ships against piracy off the coast of Somalia, United States will be signing “New York Declaration”.

Hillary Clinton to receive Roosevelt Four Freedoms

Washington, Sept 10 (IBNS) US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be receiving the Roosevelt Institute’s Four Freedoms Award at the Roosevelt Institute’s Four Freedoms Medals Gala Dinner.

Obama speech on health care

US President Barack Obama delivered yet another motivating speech at the Joint Congress today about health care. He speaks about how US should and can come out of this recession hit economy and why our lives are to be secure first and then elevate later. The video and the text formats are of high demand ar this moment. Those of you who have missed  the Obama health care speech live coz you didn’t know the Obama health care speech time Here is our exclusive topic that has the full video and text of what Obama said on Wednesday.
Obama health care speech & video

Obama health care speech & video

obamaHere we have included full video and the text of President Obama health care to the Joint Session of Congress.

Joe Wilson shouts “You Lie” at Obama

South Carolina rep named Joe Wilson shouted out “You lie” during President Obama’s health care speech to Congress on Wednesday. The incident was, as obvious, taken very seriously and other  Republicans were put to shame. As  Rep. Earl Pomeroy  said,

American students should study more maths: Hillary Clinton

New York, Sept 9 (IBNS)While hosting “My Education, My Future” Event at the Manhattan Charter School , US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said American students should study more maths and science.

Glad that Dutch invested in NY: Hillary Clinton

Washington, Sept 9 (IBNS) At the launch of NY400 Week marking the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in New York harbor, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she is glad that the Dutch invested in New York.

US North Korea Policy

Tokyo (Japan), Sept 9 (IBNS) US Special Representative for North Korea Policy, Stephen W. Bosworth, said US is interested in bi-lateral talks with North Korea and complete denuclearization. Excerpts:

Walter E. Ellis story

walter e. ellis crime sceneWalter E. Ellis, 49, has been charged in the deaths of two. Authorities say he is linked by DNA to the slayings of nine women since 1986. Walter had shown angry tendencies in the past, but nothing that suggested he was responsible for deaths that terrorized local prostitutes for more than two decades as AP reports.

Alex and Derek King Case story

Alex and Derek King - the king brothers were only 12 and 13 respectively, when on Nov, 2001 they killed their father in his Cantonment, Florida. They killed him with a baseball bat and then set the house afire to conceal evidence of the slaying. The whole nation was shocked and with further revelation, the sick story became  even more so when it was revealed that the kids’ neighbor Rick Chavis had convinced them to commit the murder of their father so that he could continue a sexual relationship with the younger brother.

Hillary Clinton wishes Brazil on Independence Day

Washington, Sept 7 (IBNS) US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted Brazil on its 187th Independence Day. “On behalf of the people of the United States, I extend warm wishes and congratulations to the people of Brazil as they celebrate 187 years of independence. We value the bonds of friendship and mutual respect between our two nations,” Clinton said in a statement issued by the US Department of State.

US focusing on denuclearizing Korea: Diplomat interview

Seol (South Korea), Sept 7 (IBNS) Special Representative for North Korea Policy, Stephen W. Bosworth, said US is focusing on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Excerpts:

Lance cpl. Joshua m. Bernard picture

Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard was a great inclusion to US Marine as sources say, and most importantly will be remembered thus in future. AP published some of his photos which were sensitive enough as demanded by his father. So considering you know about the unfortunate incident already, (Lance Corporal Joshua M. Bernard: the real story)

Obama’s speech to schools and students

US President Barack Obama’s Obamas speech to students in schools, scheduled for 8th Septmeber, is stirring quite a few controversies even before surfacing verbally. Republican critics are calling it an effort to foist a political agenda on children, creating yet another confrontation with the White House. Gov. Tim Pawlenty is questioning President Barack Obama’s back-to-school speech slated for Tuesday, saying it’s “uninvited.” If you read our previous article i.e.  Obama’s back-to-school address inflames conservatives; some schools will not air it, the necessary or unnecessary hype over this event will be clear to your eyes. Anyway, if you are really interested about it, here is the schedule as stated by Govt. website

Mega Millions Winning Numbers 8/28/09: chances of winning

Mega-MillionsExpert says there is only a 0.0000006% microscopic chance in Mega Millions Winning Numbers 8/28/09.  That is a one in 175,711,536 chance of winning, WOW! but still there is a chance and somebody will win.

DJ AM: found dead

DJ-AMGod! he is dead? “DJ AM was very friendly, he recognized me, we will really missed him”- this was the feeling of a fan after just hearing that he is no more.

Shawn Hornbeck: found after 4 years

Shawn-HornbeckThe feelings of getting back the dearest missing persons after a long painful gap is something which is difficult to evaluate through a keyboard, you have to see, feel the reactions of the families of Jacyee Lee Dugard, Shawn Hornbeck or Ben Ownby and lot of others.


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