Lok Sabha adjourned early over lack of quorum

Friday, July 31, 2009

NEW DELHI - Lok Sabha was adjourned 16 minutes before schedule Friday over the issue of a lack of quorum and the poor attendance of MPs.

When Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Minister V. Narayanasamy was replying to the Private Members Bill introduced in the house, some members wanted quorum.

When Francisco Sardinha, who was in the chair, found there were fewer than 54 MPs, 10 percent of the 545 member house, the house was adjourned for the day at 5.44 pm.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi had Thursday expressed concern over the poor attendance of MPs. During her address to the MPs in the Congress parliamentary party, she said it was very difficult to mobilise all the members on crucial occasions in parliament.

This reflects poorly on the performance of the party and does little justice to those who have voted to represent them here, she had said.

Earlier in the day, Lok Sabha secretary general P.D.T. Achary had told IANS that the members’ attendance in the present Lok Sabha was much better than in the previous house.

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July 31, 2009: 6:00 pm

Lok Sabha adjourned early over lack of quorum
Sita Ram Dhiman, Sr. BSP Leader, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla says that it has not happened for the first time. This is shameful for the public representatives to remain absent from the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. Several times such M.Ps. creates troubles, raised slogans and does not allow the house to make transactions. This is a loss to the nation. Some time they remained absent due to the fact the house has to be adjourned. They are drawing salary and allowances from the public exchequre for attending these houses. If without prior permission any such M.P. abstain to their work, disciplinary action should be taken against such M.P.s and they must not be paid for such a period , they remained absent from any of the houses. The public is now quite vigilant about every activity of every public representative and they will keep in mind when such Members will come to the public to demand votes.

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